Back the 'Right to Buy'

Labour’s decision to revoke the Right to Buy in Wales will undermine social mobility, depriving thousands of families of an opportunity to get on the housing ladder for the first time.

It’s easy for Welsh Government ministers to lecture, but who are they to deny hardworking families an opportunity to own their own homes? Instead of building the homes we need, Labour intend to abolish one of the most popular housing policies ever devised – the Right to Buy.

There is a shortage of affordable housing in Wales because Labour hasn’t built enough affordable homes, and not because council tenants have had a chance to buy theirs.

The Right to Buy Scheme doesn’t deplete the housing stock, it empowers people to take a stake in the home in which they already live. Welsh Conservative proposals would see the ring-fencing of the money raised for new social housing, which will provide more homes and more opportunities for people languishing on Labour’s waiting lists.

Successive Welsh Governments have failed to tackle the housing needs that have been quite apparent now for a generation. An increasing requirement for social housing, underinvestment since devolution, the post-2008 economic shock, and just a sheer lack of ambition from the Welsh Government, have all led to an overall reduction in house building compared to what we need to do.

Labour should bin its vindictive proposal to abolish the Right to Buy.