Welsh Conservative Conference 2020 Supper & Dinner deal (w/ free Member's Conference pass)

Friday, 6th March 2020
10.00 a.m.

This is the payment page for tickets to the Welsh Conservative Conference 2020 Supper at The Wild Pheasant Hotel and the Gala Dinner at the Bryn Howel Hotel. This deal includes a free Member's Conference pass per set of tickets. To read more about Conference, click here.

If you're a Young Conservative aged 21 or under and you wish to attend both the Supper and Gala Dinner, it is cheaper to purchase a YC ticket for the Gala Dinner and a ticket for the Supper separately. You will get one free Conference pass with the two tickets.

A seperate hardcopy security pass application form must be completed and the original returned to the office in order for your security pass to be completed. This is only the online payment for a Supper & Gala Dinner Deal ticket with a free Member's Conference pass.

Product: One set of Conference Supper and Gala Dinner tickets (w/ free Member's Conference security pass for 6 & 7 March)

Price: £65