The £21 million 'Business Ghost Town'

The Welsh Government has spent 21 million pounds on a North Wales business park that currently stands dormant and unoccupied.


Figures obtained by the Welsh Conservatives show Anglesey’s ‘Parc Cybi’ has received significant public investment since the site was purchased in 2006 – but is yet to play host to a single business.


Responding to a series of Written Assembly Questions from the Leader of the Welsh Conservatives, the Business Minister labels the park a ‘strategic site within the Anglesey Enterprise Zone’.


Total expenditure over the last seven years includes:


£3 Million – Purchase price

£6 Million – Utility costs

£7 Million – Infrastructure (including a main road)

£5 Million – Installation of electricity

£100,000 – Marketing and promotion


The failure follows other recent high profile Welsh Government losses, including the multi-million pounds collapse of its technium empire.


The vacant and expensive Parc Cybi has been highlighted by Welsh Conservative Leader Andrew RT Davies AM during First Minister’s Questions.



Mr Davies said:


“This project amounts to nothing more than a multi-million pounds business ghost town.


“Public money has been wasted on a road to nowhere, lights for no-one, and marketing that’s achieved nothing.


“The tumbleweeds are the only tenants and taxpayers will rightly question the site’s value for money.


“The Minister labels Parc Cybi ‘strategic’ and its failure calls Labour’s entire enterprise zone strategy into question.


“Despite being a key part of the Anglesey scheme, no jobs have been created and no business calls it a home.


“This is the latest in a long line of white elephants that has also seen tens of millions wasted on the failed technium scheme and the collapse of the Red Dragon Project in St Athan.


“Carwyn Jones’ government is out of touch and out of ideas. I urge him to rethink his economic strategy and guarantee urgent improvements are on the way.”