35% of Jobs Growth Wales apprentices unemployed

Figures uncovered by the Welsh Conservatives reveal that over a third of apprentices who have taken part in the Welsh Government’s flagship scheme Jobs Growth Wales have returned to unemployment.


The figures also show that of the 1,305 young people who have taken part in the scheme, 468 quit before completing their six month position and 72% of those young people are now unemployed.


In total, 454 young people remain unemployed despite having taken part in the Welsh Government’s back to work programme.


Nick Ramsay AM, Shadow Minister for Business, said, “It is very welcome that two thirds of the young people who complete their six month apprenticeship with Jobs Growth Wales go on to secure a permanent job or apprenticeship with their company.


“However, there are concerns that over a third of participants quit the scheme before completing their six month placement and 72% of these young people return to unemployment.


“Youth unemployment is a massive problem with over 4,000 18-24 year olds being on Jobseekers’ Allowance for over a year.


“The Welsh Government needs to do more to help address deep-rooted economic inactivity which is blighting many Welsh communities and holding young people back from achieving their goals.


“Being unemployed can knock a young person’s confidence, put extra obstacles in the way of their ambitions and lead to a sense of helplessness, making it even more difficult to gain rewarding employment.


“While some young people are clearly benefitting from Jobs Growth Wales, too many are falling through the gaps and finding themselves back where they started.


“The Welsh Government needs to assess where their back to work scheme is falling short and address these shortcomings so we can get more young people in Wales back to work.”