Carwyn Jones’ ‘mañana government’

Carwyn Jones is leading a ‘mañana government’ where lethargic Labour Ministers are drifting through their five year term and delaying major decisions, Welsh Conservatives claimed today. A series of major economic strategies have had their publication dates put back, while key decisions on next generation broadband and Enterprise Zones have been delayed or kicked into the long grass.

‘Lottery’ of NHS night-time discharges

Welsh Conservatives have criticised a ‘postcode lottery’ of night-time discharges from Welsh hospitals.The number of patients released between 11pm and 6am differs significantly across the country, according to figures obtained by Shadow Minister for Health, Darren Millar AM. Within Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, 2872 people were discharged during the night in 2011/12 (three per cent of the total number), compared to 2,476 in 2007/08 (two per cent of the total).

No silver bullet to organ donation

Commenting on the publication of the Human Transplantation (Wales) Bill, paving the way for a system of presumed consent for organ donation, Darren Millar AM, Shadow Minister for Health, said:"Organ donation is an emotive subject and it's important to examine the both the clinical evidence for and against the Welsh Government's proposed approach and to listen to the views of the Welsh public during the coming weeks.

FM’s Delivery Unit: 23 briefings for £300k

Welsh Conservatives have called for greater clarity on the First Minister’s much trumpeted ‘Delivery Unit’ following information obtained on its cost and the work it has produced. Since September the First Minister has received 23 briefings from the unit ahead of ‘bi-monthly delivery bilaterals’ – or internal meetings - with other ministers.

Welcome but flawed national cancer plan

Welsh Conservatives have welcomed the launch of a national cancer plan – but raised concerns over its ‘glaring omissions’. The group has long called for a published and detailed plan to tackle cancer in Wales and has greeted the principles behind the minister’s announcement positively.

Serious concerns remain over Single Environment Body

Welsh Conservatives have repeated their serious concerns over the government’s creation of a Single Environment Body (SEB). The comments follow a short inquiry into the SEB’s business case and a subsequent debate in the Assembly (Wednesday June 13th).

'Dreadful' housing figures must be improved

Commenting on government housing figures – which show the number of completed new homes during the first quarter of this year was the lowest since records began in 1974 – Shadow Minister for Housing Mark Isherwood AM, said: “We already knew the Welsh housing supply crisis was desperate – but these figures highlight the dreadful true extent of the problem."

Call for strong guidance on child welfare

Responding to the statement from the Education Minister and Deputy Minister for Children & Social Services on safeguarding children in Pembrokeshire, Angela Burns AM, Shadow Minister for Education and Assembly Member for Carmarthen West & South Pembrokeshire, said: