3,641% rise in patients waiting over 36 weeks for treatment

Welsh Conservatives today expressed anger at figures showing Welsh patients waiting more than nine months for NHS treatment. Figures out this morning show the number of patients waiting more than 36 weeks for treatment has risen by an astonishing 13,631% in the last 12 months, while the number waiting between 26 and 36 weeks has risen by 530% to 18,505.

90,000 rodent-related ‘visits’

Local authority pest controllers made nearly 90,000 rodent-related visits across Wales during 2009/10, following nearly 42,000 calls for help.  That’s an average of well over a hundred calls every day of the year.

Minister's "bloated" trip to London

The Minister for Local Government took seven policy officials on a trip to see Welsh MPs for a ‘briefing’ in London, at a total cost of £1,000 to the taxpayer.