Severn toll freeze would help families

Commenting on the announcement that the toll for cars crossing the Severn Bridge will rise to £6 from 1st January 2012, Byron Davies AM, Shadow Minister for Transport, said: “This is another rise in the cost of living that will put further pressure on the budgets of Welsh families. “Welsh Conservatives proposed a freeze in the Severn tolls for the next four years, which would have saved Welsh motorists £3.4million in 2012 alone."

'No transparency' in environment body merger plans

Commenting on Welsh Government plans to merge the Environment Agency, Countryside Council and Forestry Commission in Wales, Shadow Minister for Environment, Russell George AM said: “There has been no openness or transparency from the Welsh Labour Government on this proposed merger. The business case remains unpublished, Assembly Members have not been able to scrutinise the plans and there has been no official consultation.

Rise in top government earners

The number of Welsh Government staff earning over £50k has risen over the last three years. Despite a drop in the overall number of civil servants – from 6,230 to 5,427 (as of September ‘11) – the amount earning top wages has increased.

‘Big three’ charities dominate Welsh Government environment funding

Grants totalling almost 20 million pounds have been awarded to the ‘big three’ members of the Wales Environment Link (WEL) over the last three years, while other charities have received as little as five pounds. The figures have been revealed to the Welsh Conservatives, following a Freedom of Information request.

Call for more airport support

Welsh Conservatives will today call for greater support for Cardiff International Airport and a review of public access to the site.

Welsh economy still waiting for Enterprise Zones

Commenting on the statement by Labour’s Business Minister providing an update on the development of the Welsh Government’s Enterprise Zones policy, Nick Ramsay AM, Shadow Minister for Business, Enterprise, Technology & Science, said: “The Welsh economy has been left in limbo whilst Welsh Labour Ministers continue to dither over their Enterprise Zones policy. “Eight months after Enterprise Zones were announced for England by the Chancellor, Welsh businesses and potential investors are yet to learn how the policy will operate in Wales."

First Minister 'fixated by Westminster'

The Leader of the Welsh Conservatives in the Assembly has accused Carwyn Jones of being ‘fixated with Westminster’ following 79 references to the UK Government during First Minister’s Questions since September. Speaking in the Senedd this afternoon, Andrew RT Davies AM highlighted a recent quote by Mr Jones: ‘What happens at Westminster is not a matter for this government here’.

Welsh Labour failing to use levers at hand

Commenting on claims by Ed Miliband that Carwyn Jones’ “hands are tied” on the Welsh economy, Nick Ramsay AM, Shadow Minister for Business, Enterprise, Technology & Science, said: “Labour are trying to shift the blame to cover for their mismanagement of the Welsh economy over 12 years in power in Wales."

'Excessive' & 'wasteful' government refurbishment costs

By next April, 16 million pounds would have been spent on refurbishment and maintenance of the Welsh Government’s Cathays Park building over the previous four years. The costs have been released to the Welsh Conservatives, who have questioned the amount of public money being used in the current economic climate.

Call for affordable homes strategy

Commenting on claims by Shelter that the number of people threatened by repossession has risen by 300%, Shadow Minister for Housing Mark Isherwood AM, said: “Shelter’s fears make it clear that the Welsh Labour Government must act urgently on its pledge to build more affordable homes. Yet there is still no solid strategy that outlines its plans or how it intends to meet demand."