Eventual movement welcomed on enterprise zones

Commenting on the Business Minister’s announcement on further detail regarding enterprise zones in Wales, Shadow Minister for Business Nick Ramsay AM, said: “These developments are much better late than never and I wholeheartedly welcome much of the detail here; notably the introduction of two new enterprise zones in Gwynedd and Pembrokeshire."

'Meagre' business start-up figures ignored by Labour

Welsh Conservatives have today accused the First Minister of ignoring ‘meagre’ statistics on the number of business start-ups in Wales. Latest figures show Wales is home to the second lowest number of new businesses across the 12 nations and regions of the UK. The figures also show the level of Welsh business start-ups has fallen in five of the last six years. In 2010, the number fell below the 2002 level.

UCAS stats 'cast a shadow' over tuition fees policy

Commenting on the publication of University and College Admissions Service statistics - showing an overall drop in the number of students applying to study in Wales and a 12.3 per cent fall in English applications - Shadow Minister for Education Angela Burns AM said: “These figures cast a worrying shadow over the headline-grabbing, wafer-thin tuition fees policy. “This is a half-baked scheme balanced precariously on the cross-border flow of students and today’s figures should act as another sobering wake-up call for the minister."

No guarantee on spine and joint waiting time target

The Health Minister has refused to give an assurance that all Welsh health boards will meet her orthopaedic waiting time target by next month. In her response to a written question asking for a guarantee that Betsi Cadwaladr UHB will have no patient waiting longer than 36 weeks (exc. major spines) by March 31st, the minister said the Board had ‘reiterated its commitment to delivering the target’.

Labour failing to attract job-creators to Wales

The Welsh Labour Government is not doing enough to attract major employers to Wales or provide the conditions for economic growth to keep them trading, Welsh Conservatives claimed today. Andrew RT Davies AM, Leader of the Welsh Conservatives in the National Assembly, said, “Concerns about the future of Peacocks and its employers highlights the lack of major employers based in Wales and the limited appeal to potential investors.

Labour relaunch ‘doesn’t address real issues’

Commenting on the publication of Welsh Labour’s ‘Delivering for Wales’ document, Leader of the Welsh Conservatives in the Assembly Andrew RT Davies AM, said: “This Labour government doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘delivery’."

80mph opt-out 'unnecessary'

Welsh Conservatives have dismissed calls for a Welsh ‘opt out’ of proposals to raise the motorway speed limit to 80 miles per hour. The suggestions follow the UK Government’s announcement to consult on a motorway speed limit increase by 2013.

Patient safety fears disturbing and unsettling

Commenting on reports that Labour’s health cuts are affecting staffing in Welsh hospitals and patient safety is being compromised by budget reduction, Shadow Minister for Health Darren Millar AM, said: “While these fears come as no real surprise given the substantial cuts Labour is inflicting on the NHS, they remain both disturbing and unsettling."

Action needed to secure fragile recovery

Commenting on figures showing a fall in unemployment in Wales, Nick Ramsay AM, Shadow Minister for Business, Enterprise, Science & Technology, said: “While we welcome the fall in unemployment in Wales, the outlook for the Welsh economy remains challenging.“In response to these figures, Welsh Labour Ministers need to start working constructively with the UK Government and take decisive action to help protect jobs.

'Posturing' First Minister ignores real issues

Carwyn Jones should ‘face up to his role as First Minister’ and ‘stop picking fights’ with the UK Government. During First Minister’s Questions, the Leader of the Welsh Conservatives in the Assembly has also accused Mr Jones of lacking the trust of businesses across Wales and focusing on political posturing rather than economic growth.