Our 2011 Assembly elections campaign slogan is announced: A New Voice for Wales

Enriching Welsh Heritage

Welsh Conservatives today pledged to enrich the heritage of Wales by prioritising culture, sport and tourism.Key policies launched include a commitment to campaign for St David's Day to become a bank holiday and for Wales to bid for both the Commonwealth Games and a UEFA Champions League final.

Welsh Conservatives “leading political agenda”

Wales desperately needs a fresh approach after 14 wasted years under Labour, Welsh Conservatives said today. Speaking ahead of this weekend’s Spring Forum at the Welsh Conservative Conference, the Secretary of State for Wales and the party’s Leader in the Assembly reaffirmed their commitment to ‘change Wales for the better’.

Publication of Economic Commission Report

The Welsh Conservatives' Economic Commission has published its report on the future of the Welsh economy.Its' recommendations will now be analysed by the Party.

Labour's jobs fund is "pie-in-the-sky"

Commenting on Labour’s launch of a ‘jobs fund for young people’, Shadow Minister for Economy Darren Millar AM, said: “I'm glad that Labour have finally recognised the need to take action to address their failure on youth unemployment in Wales. Their previous polices weren't working and thousands of young people across Wales have been let down and are paying the price as a result."