Agreement reached on EU Withdrawal Bill

The UK Government and the Welsh Government today confirmed that they have reached an agreement on the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill that will be tabled in the UK Parliament tomorrow.

It means that the Welsh Government’s controversial ‘continuity bill’ can now be repealed, and it is expected that they will now recommend to the National Assembly for Wales that a Legislative Consent Motion is passed for the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill.

David Melding AM, an expert on constitutional affairs and former Deputy Presiding Officer, said:

“This is proof of what can be achieved when politicians engage constructively and work in the national interest – rather than the party interest.

“It will provide legal certainty to all sides, whilst increasing the powers of the devolved administrations and respecting the devolved settlement.

“Above all, we can now move forward to the agreement of UK frameworks in certain key areas, to protect the integrity of the UK internal market.

“Thankfully, the Welsh Government’s bogus bill is now consigned to the dustbin and we can only hope that today’s agreement marks the start of a more constructive period in relations between the two governments.

Shadow Europe Secretary, Mark Isherwood, said:

“Whilst it is disappointing that the Scottish Government remains unwilling to reach agreement on these matters, it is good to see progress being made here in Wales.

“From the evidence we received in Committee it was overwhelmingly clear that businesses and communities want their politicians to work constructively together.

“To be fair, both the UK and Welsh Governments have made considerable effort to secure progress and to address the concerns of the devolved Governments and Parliaments.”