Andrew RT Davies reacts to Welsh Conservative local government election successes

Leader of the Welsh Conservatives Andrew RT Davies said:

“We are incredibly proud of the big advances we’ve made so far - it’s been a good night at the office. We’ve gained overall control of Monmouth, made huge strides in the Vale of Glamorgan, doubled our representation in Wrexham, and reached double digits right in the backyard of the First Minister.

“Our successes today are testament to the enormous efforts of the Welsh Conservative team, who’ve worked tirelessly to communicate on the doorstep Theresa May’s message of a strong and united Britain.

“People want greater democratic accountability, better public services, and more say on the decisions that affect them – that’s what we campaigned for and that’s exactly what we intend to deliver.

“The result shows that people are moving away from Labour and rejecting their tired and out-of-touch message. For far too long Labour has been taking the public’s support for granted. This is evidenced by our declining high streets, our worsening public services, and our crumbling roads.

“We are emboldened by the results that have come in, but take nothing for granted as there are still nine councils yet to declare. There is also still a general election to fight, and we now need to dig deep and press on with the job of ensuring that we have a Prime Minister on 8 June who can deliver the strong and stable leadership needed to carry our country through Brexit and beyond. Our work is far from done and we are steeling ourselves for the challenge ahead.”