Andrew RT Davies: Response to Prime Minister’s speech in Florence

Commenting on the Prime Minister’s speech in Florence, leader of the Welsh Conservatives, Andrew RT Davies, said:


“Today’s speech from the Prime Minister sets out a pragmatic and constructive plan for the next stage in the Brexit negotiations, putting at its heart the continued success of not just Wales and the United Kingdom but also our friends in Europe.


“Recent rhetoric from all quarters has been excitable but today’s blueprint strikes the balance required – sensible and optimistic in equal measure – to pave the way for substantial progress in the months ahead.


“The Prime Minister has been emphatic in stating we will avert the dangers of a cliff-edge, honour our remaining obligations, strengthen the devolution settlement and embrace the opportunity for a new relationship with the European Union. The vast majority of political persuasions, red and blue, leave or remain, can and should rally behind these aims.


“The stakes are high, but at last year’s referendum the people of Wales and the United Kingdom chose a to pursue a different path, and today’s speech seeks to unite the nation behind one common goal: securing a positive future for Britain.


“The Prime Minister has set the tone and now it’s time to crack on with the job.”