Andrew RT: The 'mask slips' as 'Corbynomics' fully endorsed by Labour's First Minister

Labour’s financial incompetence continued in earnest today as Wales’ First Minister, Carwyn Jones, endorsed ‘Corbynomics’ and their plan to borrow £500bn pounds.


Appearing on a Welsh leaders’ debate on the BBC’s Sunday Politics, Carwyn Jones backed Jeremy Corbyn’s plans for the economy – which includes borrowing to an extortionate level not seen before in the United Kingdom – and which would once again threaten to bankrupt the country’s finances.


Leader of the Welsh Conservatives, Andrew RT Davies said:


“Today, the mask slipped, as the people of Wales saw Carwyn Jones endorse the economic lunacy proposed by Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party.


“Not fit with nearly bankrupting the country only a decade ago, Labour seemingly want to do it all over again with yet more excessive borrowing, this time to the tune of an extortionate £500 billion pounds.


“Jeremy Corbyn’s visit to Wales on Friday seems to have unfortunately rubbed off on the First Minister and he is now staggeringly on the stump advocating a ‘money tree’ approach which would put the Welsh economy at severe risk.


“Over the past 18 months Welsh Labour have attempted to distance themselves from Jeremy Corbyn but today that pretence was shattered for good.


“As such, it's clearer than ever that only the Conservatives under our Prime Minister can provide the strong and stable government that Wales and the United Kingdom needs over the years ahead.


“The choice on June 8th is clear; a choice between the strong and competent leadership of Theresa May or the chaos and confusion of Jeremy Corbyn.”