Anti-Sun Newspaper motion to be voted on by Flintshire Council

Flintshire councillors are set to vote on a watered down motion condemning The Sun newspaper this evening.


Labour councillors had originally planned to vote on a proposal to ban people from entering council offices with a copy of the paper, and to ban Sun journalists from entering council buildings – including to report on council meetings.


Shadow Local Government Secretary, Janet Finch-Saunders AM, called that plan a “typically spiteful” move from a Labour Party which no longer believes in free speech, or a free press.


Labour Councillor Bernie Attridge is believed to have climbed down after being told that such a ban would be illegal under UK law (Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960).


Instead, Flintshire councillors will vote on a motion to support newspaper sellers who refuse to sell The Sun.


Mrs Finch-Saunders said the Council was wasting precious time debating a “childish and spiteful motion”.


She said:


“This is a waste of everyone’s time and valuable council resources.


“It’s a childish and typically spiteful move from a Labour Party which no longer supports free speech, and which no longer backs a free press.


“It’s also an attempt at full-on state censorship of the media, and another bizarre turn from a left wing which no longer has the courage to debate its opponents.


“Whilst we might not like certain newspapers – and might question the impartiality of other platforms – we have a right not to consume their output. But we shouldn’t have a right to ban them.


“This is how dictatorships start, and Jeremy Corbyn should know a thing or two about them.”



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