Asghar: Millennials will see right through insincere attempts to ape youth culture

Attempts to improve access to information on apprenticeships in Wales should directly engage young people in the process – not attempt to ape youth culture.

Mohammad Asghar AM – Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Skills – after the Minister, Julie James, called for a Tinder-style app to match young people with opportunities.

He said:

“Social media is a vital tool for engaging with young people and of course we need to embrace new media and technology.

“But why not engage young people directly in the process, because millennials will see right through insincere attempts to ape youth culture.

“Frankly, the idea of basing an apprenticeships application on Tinder sounds like something their parents would come up with – and that’s just not going to cut through and more than existing tools.

“But there are clear issues around the perceptions parents and children have around apprenticeships, and we do need to make information around opportunities more accessible.”