Biggest risk to the country is Jeremy Corbyn, not Brexit, say Welsh Conservatives

Following further scare-mongering from Mark Drakeford over a no-deal Brexit, the Welsh Conservatives are warning that a hard left Labour Government run by Jeremy Corbyn is a bigger risk to Wales than a no-deal Brexit.

The UK Government announced today (Thursday 1st August) that Chancellor Sajid Javid MP will put aside an extra £2.1bn for no-deal preparations, in addition to the £4.2bn allocated since 2016 by his predecessor, Philip Hammond MP.

Commenting, Welsh Conservative and Shadow Minister for External Affairs and International Relations Darren Millar AM, said:

“The people of Wales are sick and tired of the Welsh Labour-led Government doing all they can to block Brexit.

"Wales voted to leave the EU so instead of scaremongering, and patronising people by telling them that they were wrong when they voted three years ago, the Welsh Government should support the UK Government in its preparations for all Brexit eventualities, including no-deal should the European Union refuse to compromise on the Northern Ireland backstop.

“The Labour Party cannot be trusted to deliver on the outcome of the first referendum so they cannot be trusted to deliver on the outcome of a second referendum either.

The Clwyd West AM added:

"The biggest risk to the prosperity of Wales and the wider United Kingdom is not a no-deal Brexit, it's a hard left Jeremy Corbyn Government with an anti-business and tax-raising agenda that would lead to financial ruin."