Calls for First Minister apology over farmer data leak

The Leader of the Welsh Conservatives today called on the First Minister to apologise to those farmers that were affected by a confidential data leak.

Paul Davies AM called the data leak an ‘inexcusable oversight’ which ‘demanded’ answers.

Earlier this year the Welsh Government blamed an “administrative error” for the mistake which saw personal data being published in response to a freedom of information request. It prompted fears the farms could be targeted by activists and led officials to "urgently review" procedures.

Last week the Information Commissioner's Office – who had be assigned to look into the scandal -  said that further action was "not required".

In response to Mr Davies’ calls, the First Minister - Mark Drakeford - said that the Welsh Government ‘recognised’ that things went wrong, and that ‘necessary things were said at that time’.

Speaking following First Minister’s Questions, the Welsh Conservative Leader said:

“It’s infuriating to see such a complacent response to a Welsh Government blunder of this scale, and quite frankly farmers still don’t have the answers to convince them that it won’t happen again.

“This was an inexcusable oversight which put people at substantial risk, and will shatter the confidence that farmers have in the Welsh Government’s ability to handle the issue of bovine TB.

“The Government’s performance in this area was already questionable prior to this shambles, and it will clearly be some time before bovine TB is eradicated in Wales altogether. The Welsh Government needs to get its act together.”