Calls for progress on Labour’s broken cancer keyworker pledge

Welsh Conservatives have called for progress on Labour’s 2010 pledge to allocate a key worker to all cancer patients.

The pledge was made during the 2010 General Election campaign, with Labour promising a key worker for every cancer patient by 2011.

Just last month it emerged that a third of all patients are not being allocated key workers.

It has also come to light that it is not mandatory for Public Health Wales to collect data on key workers.

Leader of the Welsh Conservatives, Andrew RT Davies, raised the issue during First Minister’s Questions today.

Mr Davies said:

“In 2010, Welsh Labour said that health boards would be required to ensure that key workers are in place by the end of March 2011.

“But here we are more than six years later, and that election promise has still not been kept, with many cancer patients remaining without a key worker.

“Key Workers were hailed by the health minister as ‘central’ to improving cancer care – but actions speak louder than words.

“I find it hugely disappointing that the First Minister has once again refused to put a date on meeting this key promise to cancer patients.”

Mr Davies added:

“Recovering cancer patients have the right to know when they can expect the Labour Government to deliver the level of care they need and were promised.

“But we also need to see evidence that the data is being properly collected by the Welsh Government.

“It cannot be right that it’s not mandatory for Public Health Wales to collect this information. How else are we to judge Labour’s progress towards meeting this target?”