Calls for urgent action to save music education

An Assembly Committee report has identified significant financial and geographical barriers to accessing music lessons in Wales.

The Culture Committee’s report says “vastly different” services are available, depending on where you live.

Commenting on the report, Shadow Education Secretary, Darren Millar, said:

“This report lays bare the fundamental flaws in the Welsh Government’s historic approach to music provision in Wales.

“Pupils should be given every opportunity to access music services, and those opportunities must be accessible to all.

“All too often young people face financial and geographical barriers that prevent them from accessing teaching.

“It’s clear that the Cabinet Secretary needs to address these shortfalls, and in doing so must take urgent steps to ensure that there is a level playing field across Wales.

“With the sector having suffered years of under-investment and neglect, we need to see fundamental changes to the Welsh Labour Government’s approach.