Cardiff Airport: Debating the future


Welsh Conservatives will today call on the First Minister to set out his ambitions and targets for Cardiff Airport, following its recent nationalisation.




In a debate brought forward by the official opposition, the group will call for an urgent Welsh Government ‘roadmap to success’ for the airport, and highlight recent Welsh Conservative publication ‘A Blueprint for Cardiff Airport’.




In a detailed document the group set out its plans to reimburse Welsh taxpayers for the 52 million pounds of public money spent buying the airport.




The strategy sets out a bold vision to more than double the value of Cardiff Airport, sell it back to the private sector and divide the profits between investment in infrastructure around the airport and reimbursement for Welsh taxpayers.




The blueprint includes the following commitments:




•           Establish a new ‘Airlines’ Director’ to attract new carriers


•           If devolved, air passenger duty should be lowered to improve competitiveness


•           Improve the Welsh marketing campaign to showcase Wales to emerging markets


•           Improve public transport links to Cardiff Airport and plan for longer-term investment in road infrastructure


•           Enhance freight transfers through Cardiff Airport by offering competitive rates to local, regional and international businesses






Shadow Minister for Transport, Byron Davies AM, said:




“Several months down the line, a roadmap for success at the airport is long, long overdue.




“We’re all joint owners and Labour ministers have a duty to let us know their ambitions, targets, and plans to make this purchase a success.




“Everyone in Wales effectively contributed almost 40 pounds to the airport. Our plan is simple –reimburse them and invest.




“The blueprint sets out an ambitious and detailed vision that ministers should consider very carefully indeed.




“This wasn’t pocket money and the airport isn’t a toy. It should be treated incredibly seriously – and that means a comprehensive vision for growth and success.”




South Wales Central Assembly Member and Leader of the Welsh Conservatives, Andrew RT Davies AM, said:




“Our package of measures has sustainability and value for money at its core. It is unashamedly ambitious and – in the interests of public money and future airport success – we would like Labour Ministers to seriously consider it.




“As it stands, no-one has any real idea what the First Ministers plans to do. Buying the airport was not a silver bullet to success.




“Ambitions, targets and detail must now form part of a comprehensive strategy that is presented to the airport’s real owners – Welsh taxpayers.”



A Blueprint for Cardiff Airport is available here: