Cardiff Council & Welsh Labour Government urged to clarify views on Uber

Labour’s “Luddite” forces are incapable of adapting to a modern technologically-driven economy and consumers are paying the price, say the Welsh Conservatives – as Labour face pressure to reassure Uber drivers and customers in other parts of the UK.

Shadow Economy Secretary, Russell George, wants the Welsh Labour Government and Cardiff-run Labour council to make their positions clear, with concern likely to grow in other cities where Uber is currently licenced to operate.

He said the ban was further evidence of a Labour Party dangerously in hock to the trade unions – at the expense of consumers who’ve benefited from lower fares since Uber launched in the UK.

He said:

“This decision has sent shockwaves across the UK, and the tens of thousands of customers and drivers in Cardiff will be nervously looking over their shoulders.

“In so many aspects of life, technology is changing the world for the better, but the Labour Party’s Luddite agenda isn’t flexible enough to cope.

“The fact that Labour politicians are queuing up to back a ban on Uber speaks volumes of a party which remains in hock to the all-powerful unions.

“But this isn’t the 1970s, and TFL’s ban on Uber sends a dangerous message to businesses seeking to invest in new technology.

“It’s also a timely reminder of the Labour Party’s deference to the unions at the expense of the millions of everyday people who have benefited from lower fares as a result of Uber’s emergence in the UK.

“It’s time for the Welsh Government and Cardiff Councils to make their position clear.”