Cardiff needs a vote on Europe

Craig Williams, Cardiff North Conservative Parliamentary Candidate, has endorsed the Conservative Party’s draft bill to legislate for an In-Out referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU.

This bill would put into law David Cameron’s plan to hold an In-Out referendum before the end of 2017. This referendum would follow a negotiation which will seek a new settlement for Britain in Europe. People would have a clear choice: stay in a reformed Europe, or come out altogether.

Craig Williams invites residents to join in supporting this Bill by signing here:

Cllr Craig Williams, Cardiff North Conservative Candidate said:
“This important draft bill has thrown down the gauntlet to Labour and other parties to back it. David Cameron has said that if he is Prime Minister in a majority Conservative Government, there will be an In-Out referendum in the next Parliament.

“My position is clear, David Cameron needs time to renegotiate our position within the EU, and we need a partnership that promotes economic growth, trade and freedom with Europe. We are not a member of and do not support the single currency and should not be tied into any further democratic deficit that the Euro has caused.

“If negotiation fails, we must not be afraid to leave. However, I have the fullest confidence in David Cameron and our Government’s ability to negotiate on our behalf. After all, he has already used his veto once. Let no-one doubt our determination to deliver for Britain.

“Our position on EU membership is now clear; other parties must outline theirs whilst we get on with rejuvenating and growing the UK’s economy.”