Carwyn Jones’ push for a “feminist government” making little progress

The First Minister for Wales’ intention to lead a feminist government is undermined by figures which make clear that the Welsh Government’s gender pay gap has recently increased.

In Spring 2018, the Welsh Government’s own Annual Employer Equality Report found that the pay gap between men and women working in the Welsh Government had actually increased in 2016/17 on the previous year.

Men actually earned more than women – on average – in every single pay grade from team support to Senior Civil Service.*

Meanwhile, the average basic full-time equivalent salary for men being £40,261, and £37,009 for women.

Men also outnumbered women in the three highest pay grades (Senior Civil Service, and Executive Bands One and Two).

Welsh Conservative Janet Finch-Saunders AM, who sits on the Assembly Equalities Committee, said:

“An increasing gap between male and female earnings in the Welsh Government shows a distinct lack of progress in Carwyn Jones’ attempts to create an more equal workplace.

“The Welsh Labour Government love to call themselves progressive and modern, but this simply highlights that they do not practice what they preach.

“It does not seem like a leap to say that the Welsh Government is far from being a feminist government – they are failing women.”