Senedd plea to keep our economy on track

In the second of two Welsh Conservative debates in the Senedd tomorrow, the Shadow Business Minister will make a final plea for the current UK economic plan to continue – for the sake of Wales...

Senedd focus on Labour's broken NHS promises

A Welsh Conservative Senedd debate will tomorrow focus on the legion of service changes within Labour’s Welsh NHS that have followed these shattered promises...

Putting the rural economy at the heart of the debate

Welsh Conservatives will put the rural economy at the heart of the agenda later, as community banking, agriculture, roll-out of Superfast Cymru, the protection of rural pubs and the promotion of local food take centre stage in the Senedd.

Guarantees required on apprenticeship funding

Welsh Conservatives have slammed Labour’s First Minister for failing to provide guarantees that investment in Welsh apprenticeships will provide economic growth. Labour’s Welsh leader failed to provide assurances during questioning from the Leader of the Welsh Conservatives in the Senedd.