Car smoke ban critical for child health

Commenting on the announcement from the Welsh Labour Government that it will seek to introduce a ban on smoking in a car while children are present to coincide with the ban’s introduction in England on 1st October 2015, Darren Millar AM, Shadow Minister for Health, said:

Training should be key part of life in Welsh NHS

Responding to the Welsh Labour Government’s announcement of funding for education and training for healthcare professionals, Darren Millar AM, Shadow Health Minister, said:

Right to Buy sales dwindling under Labour

Fewer people in Wales have bought their council property in the last five years than at any time since the Right to Buy was introduced in 1980, figures uncovered by the Welsh Conservatives show today.

Investment Fund review 'premature' ahead of audit report

Commenting on the statement from the Welsh Labour Government that it plans to commission the Regeneration Investment Fund for Wales to undertake a review of regeneration activity, despite an on-going investigation by the Wales Audit Office into dodgy land sales, Byron Davies AM, Shadow Minister for Regeneration, said: “It is extraordinary bad judgement to get an organisation currently under investigation for questionable practice to undertake a review into how regeneration money should be spent."

Route development progress demanded

Welsh Conservatives will today demand progress from the Welsh Labour Government on route expansion at Wales’ state-owned airport.

Senedd debate: Freeze Council Tax

Welsh Conservatives are today leading a Senedd debate calling for Welsh Labour ministers to freeze council tax.

Progress on community rights welcomed

Welsh Conservatives have welcomed Labour’s progress towards boosted community rights in Wales but continued calls for the full introduction of a right-to-bid scheme.

Labour cuts 'will hit young farmers hard'

Welsh Conservatives have joined calls for a ‘comprehensive rethink’ of Labour government cuts to Wales’ Young Farmers’ Clubs.   A significant Welsh Government-backed grant will no longer be available to the Wales Federation.