Up to ½ SEN funds never reach classroom

Figures published today by the Welsh Government show that 30% of its £357million annual budget for special educational needs (SEN) never reaches the classroom.

Poor grades obstacle to Oxbridge access

A Welsh Government-commissioned report has concluded that students from Wales are less likely than those in other parts of the UK to gain a place at Oxford or Cambridge Universities due to poorer exam results.

Urgent cancer treatment target missed again

On the day the Labour government misses its urgent cancer waiting time target for another month, Welsh Conservatives will lead a Senedd debate on long Welsh delays for treatment.

More people than ever 'left stranded' on NHS waiting lists

More people than ever are now on an NHS waiting list in Wales. At the end of April, a total of 424,009 were waiting for their start of their treatment, compared to 220,000 when Carwyn Jones took up his role as Labour First Minister in 2009.

Stick to long-term economic plan

Welsh Conservatives today urged Assembly Members to commit to the UK Government’s long-term economic plan in a Senedd debate on the Queen’s speech.