Labour's secrecy on education cuts must end

Welsh Conservatives have condemned the secrecy surrounding Labour’s cuts to the education budget.   The apparent reality of the Labour government’s cutbacks was reported today (MediaWales) and reveals a letter sent to council chief executives by the Education Minister. In it, ‘additional flexibility’ to offset the £4.4m savings’ is offered, from 11 education grants.

Council reserves: Worries should have been addressed

Welsh Conservatives have questioned evidence given in the National Assembly by Labour’s new Public Services Minister.  Leighton Andrews raised concerns over consistency in how local authorities deal with reserve money and suggested he could engage in dialogue with the Auditor General. Total Welsh council reserves currently stand at approximately one billion pounds. 

Fragile exports market needs more focus

Commenting on the publication of export statistics by the Welsh Labour government, which show a fall on the same quarter in 2013 and a drop on the previous quarter of this year, Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Business William Graham AM, said: “It’s clear the recently growing Welsh exports market remains fragile. “These aren’t the only figures showing a drop and it’s now extremely important that Labour ministers ensure this remains a blip."

Tough and demanding Labour council settlement

Commenting on the publication of the Labour government’s councils budget for 2015/16, Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Local Government Janet Finch-Saunders AM, said: “This is a tough Labour settlement – that much is very clear. “Supported by the Liberal Democrats, this demanding budget will mean difficult decisions and a forensic scrutiny of council spending."

7,000 doctors V Carwyn's 6 flatmates

Labour’s First Minister appears reliant on the advice of a small number of college chums instead of listening to the vast majority of NHS clinicians, it was claimed today. It follows claims of NHS whistle blowers facing heavy handed retribution for speaking out.

Superfast Cymru take-up is ‘frustratingly slow’

Take-up of Superfast Cymru is ‘frustratingly slow’ and must be improved.  That’s the call from Welsh Conservatives today, following the publication of figures obtained by the Shadow Minister for Rural Affairs. 

Welsh doctors accuse Labour ministers of bullying

The body representing 7,000 doctors in the Welsh NHS has written to AMs in response to the First Minister’s cavalierdismissal of their warning that the Welsh NHS was facing ‘imminent meltdown’. In the letter doctors accuse Labour’s First Minister of seeking ‘to traduce the reputation of BMA Cymru Wales’,being ‘indifferent to the professional advice’ of doctors and of adopting ‘unacceptable bullying tactics’.

Labour downgrades PISA targets

Labour Ministers today abandoned their target to improve Wales’ performance in international school performance league tables, replacing it with a new target of achieving scores surpassed by England and Scotland two years ago.

Serious question marks over environment law

Commenting on remarks made by the Sustainable Development Alliance on the Welsh Labour government’s ‘Future Generations Bill’ – which highlight Labour’s failure to recognise major issues affecting both people and nature – Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Environment, Antoinette Sandbach AM, said: “This Bill clearly isn’t going to achieve what the hype promised."

Labour set to miss climate change targets

Labour ministers need to do more to recognise the threat of climate change, Welsh Conservatives claimed today, as figures show the Welsh Government is on course to miss its greenhouse gas reduction targets. Labour ministers have a greenhouse gas emission reduction target of at least 40 per cent by 2020, compared to 1990 levels, yet – in reality – emissions recently spiked by five per cent; a rise that outstripped other parts of the UK.