Labour deliberately misleading on electrification

Labour’s politically motivated row over paying for Valleys electrification was resolved today as the First Minister published letters between the UK and Welsh Governments, proving Labour Ministers were aware of their financial responsibilities.

'Whitewash' leaves students in the dark

Commenting on the publication of the Welsh Labour Government’s ‘rapid fact-finding exercise’into a big decline in exam results for the new GCSE English Language qualification, Angela Burns AM, Shadow Minister for Education, said: “After a month of waiting for answers, this report fails to adequately explain to students, teachers and lecturers why exam results were so much lower than predicted."

Same old Labour Party gagging criticism

Welsh Conservatives today responded to claims from the Labour Party that any criticism of their 15 year record in government is an attack on Wales.

Plaid seeking to derail a lucrative trade deal

Welsh Conservative MEP Dr Kay Swinburne today accused Plaid Cymru of seeking to derail a lucrative trade deal between Europe and the United States which could create and sustain thousands of jobs in Wales.

Labour hammering Welsh families on Council Tax

Figures published this morning confirm the average council tax rise in Wales is 4.1% - seven times the average rise in England, where 57% of local authorities have frozen bills.

Ambulance response times 'fiasco'

Commenting on the publication of today’s ambulance response times – which show that the eight minute target has been missed again, and a 4.8 per cent decrease in the number of ‘Category A’ calls receiving a response within this time – Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Health, Darren Millar AM, said: “Labour’s ambulance response time fiasco continues and it's patients who are paying the price."

NHS target changes 'dodge patient priorities'

Commenting on todays’ announcement of a trial period for new A and E and waiting time and ambulance response time targets –on the day new figures are published for the latter - Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Health, Darren Millar AM, said: “Communities across Wales will rightly question the motives behind these changes."