Serious questions remain over Health Minister and report independence

Commenting on today’s vote on a joint motion of no confidence in the Health Minister - tabled by the three opposition parties in the Assembly and following controversy surrounding the independence of the NHS case for change report - Shadow Minister for Health Darren Millar AM said: “The Minister’s performance today remains utterly unconvincing."

Bullying Minister to force HE merger

Commenting on the statement from the Labour Education Minister about his plans to launch consultations as soon as possible on the dissolution of Cardiff Metropolitan University and the University of Wales Newport ahead of an enforced merger, Angela Burns AM, Shadow Minister for Education, said: “This is the final assault on Cardiff Metropolitan University, as the Minister seeks the dubious accolade of being one of precious few Ministers in UK history to forcibly dissolve a university."

Legislative Programme: List of bills disheartening

Commenting on today’s statement on the Welsh Government’s Legislative Programme – delivered by the First Minister and referring to a further eight bills during this Assembly’s second year - Leader of the Welsh Conservatives in the Assembly Andrew RT Davies AM said: “This is typical lazy Labour and the list of bills on show is incredibly disheartening."

Rail electrification: A priceless boost for Wales

Commenting on the Secretary of State for Transport’s announcement on electrification, Leader of the Welsh Conservatives in the Assembly, Andrew RT Davies AM, said: “Today’s announcement is hugely welcome and will prove incredibly beneficial to the Welsh economy."

Minister must condemn council management madness

Welsh Conservatives have called on the Local Government Minister to condemn Cardiff council plans to employ a total of 27 directors and assistant directors at a total cost of 1.67 million pounds. Only two years ago, senior managers there were slimmed down in order to ‘protect frontline services’.

Heathrow rail link welcomed

Commenting on the UK Government’s announcement of a 500 million pounds rail link to Heathrow – which will cut journey times for Welsh travellers – Shadow Minister for Transport Byron Davies AM said: “This is an exciting UK Government announcement that I welcome wholeheartedly."

England forges ahead in Bovine TB fight

Commenting on the failure of a Badger Trust legal bid to block culling of the animals in England, Shadow Minister for Rural Affairs Antoinette Sandbach AM, said: “This is welcome news for farmers in England. “The Welsh Minister for Environment cited ‘considerable legal difficulties’ as a reason for opting for vaccination here, rather than the culling policy which had cross-party support."

Dairy sector: Swift action - not endless talk

Commenting on the Deputy Minister for Agriculture’s statement on the dairy sector – in which nothing new is announced but promises of a ‘further statement’ are made – Shadow Minister for Rural Affairs Antoinette Sandbach AM, said: “The Deputy Minister's statement lacks the immediate steps that are needed to help the dairy industry."

Joint motion of no confidence in the Health Minister

The three opposition parties in the National Assembly - the Welsh Conservatives, Plaid Cymru and the Welsh Liberal Democrats - have agreed to table a motion of no confidence in the Health Minister.  See Andrew RT Davies discuss the motion here

‘Sexed up’ Case for Change: Call for resignation and urgent inquiry

Welsh Conservatives have called for an urgent meeting of the Health and Social Care committee following the publication of correspondence relating to ‘The Case for Change’; a report on the NHS originally labelled ‘independent’. It follows earlier calls for the Health Minister to resign if she was aware of the emails.