Pressing issues remain on meat contamination

The Shadow Minister for Environment has called for further reassurances from the Welsh Government on the contamination of red meat in Wales. Following a statement from the Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Montgomeryshire Assembly Member Russell George has highlighted uncertainties around the future of Welsh beef and lamb and the government’s role in strengthening testing.

Labour passes the buck on high street decline

Welsh Conservatives today accused the First Minister of passing the buck and failing to take action to stem the decline in the Welsh high streets.Figures published by the British Retail Consortium yesterday revealed that Wales has the highest high street vacancy rate in mainland Britain.

Strategy to reverse high street footfall decline

Figures published today by the British Retail Consortium show that high street footfall for November – January is 10% down on last year and that Wales has the highest vacancy rate of all the nations and regions of the UK.Nick Ramsay AM, Shadow Minister for Business, Enterprise, Technology & Science, said, “These are alarming figures showing Welsh high streets are faring far worse than those in other parts of the UK.

1 in 8 waiting to start hospital treatment

Figures published this morning show that 389,019 people - one in eight of the Welsh population - are waiting for treatment on NHS waiting lists.The most recent figures show that target waiting times from referral to treatment are still being missed.

230 Virgin Media jobs created in Swansea

Commenting on the announcement that Virgin Media is set to create 230 jobs at its base in Swansea, Nick Ramsay AM, Shadow Minister for Business, Enterprise, technology & Science, said:

Support for Welsh abattoirs must remain

The Shadow Minister for Environment has hailed the continued hard work of Welsh abattoirs and called for support and confidence in them to remain throughout the current horsemeat scandal.

External government legal advice tops £3m

Welsh Conservatives have criticised the amount of money spent by the Welsh Government on external legal advice, following the disclosure of costs by the Finance Minister. According to information obtained by the North Wales Assembly Member Antoinette Sandbach, 3.1 million pounds was spent between the beginning of February 2011 and the end of October 2012.

'Eleventh Hour' reviews into Regeneration Investment Fund

Commenting on a Ministerial announcement of two reviews into the Regeneration Investment Fund – following serious concerns raised by the Welsh Conservatives – Shadow Minister for Regeneration Byron Davies AM said: “These reviews are extremely welcome but have come at the eleventh hour."

Labour bails out Labour Council cuts

The Welsh Labour Government today announced it will directly fund the Welsh language festival Tafwyl, which was set to lose £20,000 from Labour-controlled Cardiff Council.Last week, the authority announced proposals to shave £22million off its budget to meet a pre-election pledge to freeze Council Tax.