NHS finances 'can't avoid the red'

The Shadow Minister for Health has called Welsh Government management of NHS finances ‘a shambles’ following new comments made by the Director General of the NHS. Darren Millar AM has said confirmation of an NHS ‘contingency fund’ amounts to ‘yet another bailout’ but still isn’t enough to support frontline staff and help health boards break even.

Labour hypocrisy on Council Tax

Responding to the statement from Labour’s Local Government Minister on Council Tax support in Wales, Janet Finch-Saunders AM, Shadow Minister for Local Government, said:“It’s a bit rich for Labour Ministers to whinge about the UK Government’s stance on Council Tax benefit, when it is Labour Ministers driving up Council Tax bills in Wales.

Call for an end to lazy Labour waste

Welsh Conservatives will tomorrow call for robust new measures to end the Welsh Labour Government’s appalling record of managing grants, which has led to the waste of hundreds of millions of pounds.In a debate on the floor of the National Assembly, Welsh Conservatives will hit out at a ‘damning’ failure to effectively manage grants, highlighted in 20 separate reports.

Labour’s magpie policies

Welsh Conservatives today congratulated the Welsh Labour Government on its adoption of a number of key Welsh Conservative policies over the past 12 months.The Welsh Labour Government has recently taken a number of steps towards adopting Welsh Conservative policies including:

Consultation on domestic violence welcomed

Commenting on the publication of the Welsh Government’s White Paper consultation on legislative proposals to end violence against women, domestic abuse and sexual violence, Mohammad Asghar AM, Shadow Minister for Equalities, said:“No one should have to live in fear of the threat of violence or abuse.

Questions to answer over devastating Tata job losses

Welsh Conservatives have called for urgent Welsh Government talks with steel giant Tata, following the announcement of 580 job losses in Wales. Shadow Minister for Business, Nick Ramsay AM, has called the losses ‘a bitter blow’ and asked for clarification of where a recently confirmed 800 million pounds will be spent by the company.

Planning guidance: 'Complete reform must replace patching up'

Commenting on a ministerial update on ‘planning for economic development’ – in which the Environment Minister confirms a new Technical Advice Note (more guidance) will be created next year - Shadow Minister for Environment Russell George AM said: “The Welsh planning system needs a comprehensive overhaul – not temporary plasters. Complete reform must replace patching up."

‘Damning’ WAO report shows NHS finances are ‘unmanageable’

In a worst case scenario, Welsh health boards will finish this financial year 131 million pounds in the red. That’s according to the Wales Audit Office, in an updated report on NHS finances.  It follows recent assurances from the NHS Chief Executive that all health boards would break even.

NHS language strategy welcomed

Commenting on the launch of a government strategy aimed at strengthening the use of Welsh in the NHS, Shadow Minister for the Welsh language Suzy Davies AM, said: “Any strategy aimed at improving communication in this way is welcome.  As ever, the details and political will are essential ingredients to success."

Wales touted for next UK G8 summit

The Leader of the Opposition has written to the Prime Minister asking for Wales to be considered as host country for the 2021 UK G8 summit. Northern Ireland will welcome next year’s event before other member countries play host in turn.