Jaguar Land Rover decision is 'disastrous for Wales'

Commenting on Jaguar Land Rover’s decision to set up a factory in Wolverhampton, following consideration of sites in South Wales, Shadow Minister for Business Nick Ramsay AM, said: “This news is disastrous for Wales and I seriously question the efforts put in by the Welsh Labour government to secure this investment."

Smokescreen for maternity services reorganisation

Commenting on the publication of a statement from the Health Minister on the future of midwifery services in Wales, Darren Millar AM, Shadow Minister for Health and Social Services, said: “The Minister’s pledge falls well short of promising to retain consultant-led maternity services in North Wales’ hospitals."

Statement on the Pontardawe mining incident

Leader of the Welsh Conservatives in the National Assembly, Andrew RT Davies AM, said: “This is deeply saddening news and my thoughts are with the families and friends of the miners. It is impossible to comprehend the strain and difficulty they have endured, yet all have shown immense dignity throughout this ordeal. “The hard work and endless resolve of the emergency services has also been inspirational and I pay tribute to their professionalism and determination."Full statement here A statement from Secretary of State for Wales, Cheryl Gillian, is available here.

Unemployment figures highlight ‘need for decisions’

Commenting on a rise in the number of people unemployed in Wales, Shadow Minister for Business Nick Ramsay AM, said: “These figures highlight what is clearly a delicate situation within the Welsh economy. There is an incredibly pressing need for the Business Minister to get her act together and make some decisions on economic policy."

Major announcements in recess call transparency into question

The Leader of the Welsh Conservatives in the Assembly has accused the Welsh government of ‘disregarding the democratic process’, following the emergence of major changes to the NHS and local government during the summer recess. Andrew RT Davies has written to the Presiding Officer, highlighting the need for proper scrutiny of such developments within the Senedd.

Sustainable Travel schemes labelled “vague and confusing”

Shadow Minister for Transport, Byron Davies AM, has labelled the Welsh government’s sustainable travel schemes as ‘vague and confusing’.  Mr Davies has criticised the way their success is measured and raised concerns over the amount of public engagement in existing travel initiatives.

“Wake up Carwyn - there’s something of a sports event next year”

Less than a year before the Olympic Games begin, the Welsh government has admitted it has no tourism strategy related to the event – and no strategy aimed at the benefits for Welsh business. The admissions have been made to the Welsh Conservatives following a Freedom of Information request.

Prescriptions rise ‘fuels concern’ over universal policy

Shadow Minister for Health, Darren Millar AM, calls for an end to universal free prescriptions in Wales."Those who can afford to contribute towards their free prescriptions should be able to - and the money saved should be used, in part, to create a Cancer Drugs Fund - similar to the one benefiting thousands of patients in England."

Inaction over continuing care claim backlog

The Welsh Labour Government is struggling to cope with a growing backlog of claims for nursing care charges, which should have been paid for by the NHS, Welsh Conservatives claimed today.2,450 claims, most of which date back beyond 2003, are now awaiting review by Welsh Local Health Boards in a lengthy and bureaucratic process, which requires claims to be reviewed in strict chronological order, regardless of the individual merits of each case.