England forges ahead in Bovine TB fight

Commenting on the failure of a Badger Trust legal bid to block culling of the animals in England, Shadow Minister for Rural Affairs Antoinette Sandbach AM, said: “This is welcome news for farmers in England. “The Welsh Minister for Environment cited ‘considerable legal difficulties’ as a reason for opting for vaccination here, rather than the culling policy which had cross-party support."

Dairy sector: Swift action - not endless talk

Commenting on the Deputy Minister for Agriculture’s statement on the dairy sector – in which nothing new is announced but promises of a ‘further statement’ are made – Shadow Minister for Rural Affairs Antoinette Sandbach AM, said: “The Deputy Minister's statement lacks the immediate steps that are needed to help the dairy industry."

Joint motion of no confidence in the Health Minister

The three opposition parties in the National Assembly - the Welsh Conservatives, Plaid Cymru and the Welsh Liberal Democrats - have agreed to table a motion of no confidence in the Health Minister.  See Andrew RT Davies discuss the motion here

‘Sexed up’ Case for Change: Call for resignation and urgent inquiry

Welsh Conservatives have called for an urgent meeting of the Health and Social Care committee following the publication of correspondence relating to ‘The Case for Change’; a report on the NHS originally labelled ‘independent’. It follows earlier calls for the Health Minister to resign if she was aware of the emails.

My way or the highway: Health Minister's 'oppressive' ultimatum

Welsh Conservatives have condemned a ‘support changes or go’ ultimatum delivered to community health councils. Speaking at a CHC conference in Cardiff last week, a strongly worded message from the Health Minister implied it was ‘my way or the highway’, according to the Shadow Minister for Health.

Welsh Cavalry decision welcomed

Secretary of State for Wales, Cheryl Gillan MP, and Leader of the Welsh Conservatives in the Assembly, Andrew RT Davies AM, respond to the Defence Secretary's announcement on the future of the army.

Rural failings: Broadband, transport and a junior Minister

Welsh Conservatives will today make renewed calls for increased efforts to deal with an on-going ‘crisis’ in rural Wales. During an opposition debate, the group will highlight sluggish progress on broadband development and a failure to boost the rural transport infrastructure. 

Extended GP opening hours delayed again

Welsh Conservatives have criticised another delay in the introduction of improved GP opening hours. Shadow Minister for Health Darren Millar AM has also highlighted a ministerial admission that weekend opening (or ‘enhanced access’) will require funding taken from elsewhere in health board budgets.

Ministers need a lesson in priorities

Welsh Conservatives have called the purchase of nine ministerial ring-binders – at 72 pounds each – ‘symptomatic of an out of touch Cabinet’. Nine red folders have recently been given to Ministers at a total cost of 648 pounds.

Survey costs need greater scrutiny

Welsh Conservatives have called for greater scrutiny of the amount of money spent on surveys commissioned by the Welsh Government. Contract costs vary significantly according to information obtained via the Freedom of Information Act. While a Severn Tolls and Fieldwork survey and an Impact Assessment of London 2012 Games cost 750 pounds and 4,813 pounds respectively, other surveys have cost considerably more