“To climb high we must first aim high”, warns Shadow Education Secretary as Welsh Government signals scrappage of PISA targets

The Welsh Labour Government’s Cabinet Education Secretary has dropped a key target to improve Wales’ scores in a global education test.

Labour ministers wanted to see Welsh pupils achieve a score of 500 in every subject by 2021 in the PISA tests.

But Kirsty Williams yesterday told a committee of AMs “it’s not my target”, effectively saying that she had scrapped the previous goal.

Responding, Darren Millar AM, Welsh Conservative Shadow Education Secretary, said:

“This is a clear lack of ambition from the Welsh Labour Government, who’ve presided over a decade of decline on the PISA assessment.

“To climb high we must first aim high. If Wales is to rise up the rankings and compete with the world’s very best education systems then we need an ambitious target, and a clear strategy to deliver that target.”