Conservative reaction to Welsh-language lesson change

New proposals from the Welsh Government will see the end of Welsh being taught as a second language in English-medium schools.

Welsh Conservative AM Suzy Davies, the Shadow Minister for Education and the Welsh Language, said:

“Successive Ministers have grappled with how to make the idea of Dr Sioned Davies’s “Welsh language continuum” a reality so I am pleased to see some desire for progress today.

“However, we can’t ignore the reality of fewer applications for teachers’ training, especially for Welsh medium.  It will take a real step change in initial teachers’ training to prepare all new teachers for this in English medium schools.

“I would also be looking for reassurance that existing teachers can be brought up to speed with the resources allocated.  In particular, millions of pounds have been found in-year and for next year for distribution to regional consortia who support schools. 

“That money is to prepare for the – as yet – unclear Donaldson curriculum reforms.  Will any of that money be going towards our teacher’s skills to even begin making this a meaningful step towards creating a million Welsh speakers?”