David Melding AM responds to EU powers return analysis

The UK Government has today published analysis of the powers returning from the EU which intersect with devolved competence.

This analysis sets out where UK Government judges there is the need for consistency across the UK and where there is not.

Responding to the analysis, David Melding AM, Welsh Conservative constitutional expert and former deputy presiding officer, said:

“This is a considerable and reasonable offer from the UK Government to deliver a smooth and orderly departure from the EU for the whole of the UK.

“These changes will see more powers conferred to Wales after Brexit than they did before, while protecting the UK internal market and enabling us to meet our international obligations.

“It’s time for the Welsh Government to come to the table in the national interest, and not allow itself and Wales to be held back by the nationalist whims of the SNP.

“We have always emphasised that some UK frameworks will be needed - a point recognised by both the Welsh and Scottish governments.

“I am confident that the principle of shared governance can be accepted over these frameworks in a manner similar to former EU governance.

“The meeting scheduled next week between the Prime Minister and the First Minister will I hope provide the basis for agreement.”