DAVIES: BBC Wales announces monthly political debate programme

BBC’s ‘The Wales Report’ is to be replaced by a new monthly debate on current affairs issues in Wales, as well as a weekly current affairs series.

The Head of Commissioning for BBC Wales (Nick Andrews) claims that the new programming will “provide a truly national stage for a truly national debate”.

However, Welsh Conservatives are seeking assurances that the programmes will not be relegated in the scheduling – and urged the First Minister to guarantee that the Welsh Government will be fully engaged in the new format.

Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Heritage & Culture, Suzy Davies, said a creative and engaging approach to political programming was required to address a clear “democratic deficit” in Wales.

She said:

“I’m sure that I am not alone in seeking assurances that the new programmes will not be relegated in the schedule, because political coverage is too sparse as it is here in Wales.

“We also need to hear from the Welsh Government a commitment to engaging with the new formats.

“Talk of a democratic deficit isn’t wide of the mark in Wales, and I look forward to a new slate of programming which will add to the debate and help to ensure that the public is better informed about the decisions taken in their names every day.”