DAVIES: Statement on Committee Chairs allocation

Welsh Conservative Business Manager and Chief Whip, Paul Davies, has criticised opposition parties following the decision to reallocate some Committee Chairs in the National Assembly.

Commenting outside the chamber, Mr Davies AM, said:

“It is unacceptable, deeply undemocratic and frankly worrying that the National Assembly for Wales proposes to operate in this manner.

“Welsh Conservatives believe the National Assembly should honour and respect the Presiding Officer’s original determination, however opposition parties have decided to show a complete disregard for the Standing Orders and political balance of this place.

“It is simply not right that an opposition party in this institution with fewer Members now has more Committee Chairs and this could have serious implications in the future for this institution.

“This is a sad day for the Assembly and we hope that future Governments and Business Managers will decide to reflect the political balance when coordinating Assembly business so that the people of Wales can have full confidence that this place is working in an open, transparent and democratic manner.”  

Notes for editors:

Standing Order 17.2R states, “Where the position of Chair becomes vacant, the Business Committee must consider the effects of that vacancy on the balance of committee chairs between political groups.” With Plaid Cymru having 11 Assembly Members and the Welsh Conservatives 12 AMs, the decision to allow Plaid to continue with three Committee Chairs versus the two of the Welsh Conservatives explicitly breaks this Standing Order.