DAVIES: Wales’ ‘Sturgeon-lite’ at odds with Jeremy Corbyn

The Welsh public deserves more than a ‘Sturgeon-lite’ figurehead leading its government according to Andrew RT Davies, after yet another peculiar outburst from the Labour First Minister, Carwyn Jones.  


The leader of the Welsh Conservatives was commenting following a bizarre attack on Michael Gove where he also managed to place himself at odds with Jeremy Corbyn on the single market.


And the First Minister’s position on Brexit grew even more farcical today as one of his own Welsh Labour colleagues – Wayne David MP – publicly disowned his position on Norway.


Andrew RT Davies AM said:


“Yet again, we have the sad sight of a First Minister in chaos, shouting from the sidelines in the desperate chase of a cheap political headline and offering no coherent answers to the serious issues of the day.


“The Welsh public wants to see leadership and direction from Carwyn Jones but instead all we get is a poor imitation of Nicola Sturgeon and contradictory nonsense with his colleagues in London.


“And all this comes in a period where the First Minister has u-turned on his pledge to abolish tuition fees in Wales and has been forced to admit his flagship scheme to tackle poverty has been a complete and utter failure – wasting taxpayers money to the tune of £432m.


“Labour’s confusion and inability to agree on anything shows they are simply not up to the job. The people of Wales deserve more than a scaremongering political pundit – it’s time for ‘Sturgeon-lite’ to stand up and lead before we are left further behind.”


Notes to editors:


Carwyn Jones full outburst can be read here. In one comment, he said:


“I went to Norway in January. They are not members of the EU but have almost full access to the single market. We don’t have to leave the EU and leave one of the world’s biggest markets at the same time. That’s an interpretation that’s been put on the [referendum] result by the current UK Government, and that makes no sense.”


Carwyn Jones’ comments directly contradict those put forward by the leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, on the Andrew Marr Show on Sunday and today by Welsh Labour MP, Wayne David.