Decision-making evidence must be published

Commenting on the ruling from the Information Commissioner that the Welsh Government must publish draft versions of The Case for Change report by Professor Marcus Longley, Darren Millar AM, Shadow Minister for Health, said:


“I welcome this ruling. It drags the Welsh Government kicking and screaming towards greater transparency.


“Welsh Conservatives have long called for the draft versions of this report to be published to provide clarity over concerns that the Welsh Government tried to sex up the case for controversial reconfiguration of health services.


“Transparency in decision making is critical in government, especially when Welsh Labour Ministers are taking forward such unpopular and potentially damaging proposals to downgrade A&E units and force vulnerable patients to travel further for NHS treatment.


“I hope Welsh Labour Ministers will publish these documents as soon as possible and not wait for the end of the Information Commissioner’s deadline – I can see no reason to delay.”