Deficit at Wales’ biggest health board set to double – despite ‘special measures’

A budget deficit at Wales’ biggest health board is to double without a bailout from Welsh Government, according to a new report.


It follows Welsh Government promises not to bailout overspending health boards.


In March, meanwhile, the First Minister threatened overspending health boards with ‘Special measures’.


Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board – already in special measures – is set to overspend by around £50m without “significant intervention”. Despite having been expected to overspend by £26 million.


Commenting, Shadow Health Secretary, Angela Burns, said:


“The Welsh Government’s financial mismanagement of the Welsh NHS is having a profound impact upon the patient experience right across Wales.


“In March, the First Minister threatened health boards with special measures if they overspent their allocations.


“What next the for Betsi Cadwaladr, which is already under their control?


“This raises very serious questions for the Health Secretary who has promised not to bail out health boards.


“This money will have to be accounted for somewhere, and if it merely disappears from next year’s budget then the consequences for frontline services could be very damaging indeed.”