A Delivery Unit that doesn't 'Deliver'

Carwyn Jones’ Delivery Unit will come under greater scrutiny today in a debate led by the Welsh Conservatives.


After 12 successive years of Labour Government, which failed to deliver promised improvements in prosperity and public services, Carwyn Jones set up a Delivery Unit to ‘ensure that what is promised is delivered.’ (Carwyn Jones, Committee for Scrutiny of the First Minister, 14 Nov 2012)


The First Minister went on to claim that the Delivery Unit is his ‘eyes and ears when it comes to what departments are doing.’


The Welsh Government has previously dismissed calls for the Delivery Unit to operate at arm’s length from government so as to be truly independent.


Andrew RT Davies said, “Carwyn Jones’ Delivery Unit was set up as a response to the failure in 12 years of successive Labour Governments to deliver improvements to public services or build a prosperous economy.


“In the last Assembly election campaign, the Delivery Unit was cited as the reason why voters should trust Labour to deliver in a fourth term of government, despite having failed to do so in the previous three.


“Two years on from that election, no one is any clearer as to what the Delivery Unit does, how it is contributing to Government activity and whether any of its goals will actually be achieved.


“The work of the Delivery Unit is shrouded in secrecy and transparent accountability is avoided at every opportunity.


“Carwyn Jones’ Delivery Unit has precious few targets and measurable indicators so it is impossible to effectively monitor progress and assess whether achievements are being made.


“The First Minister says the Delivery Unit is his eyes and ears, which shows a worrying lack of trust in his own ministers and laziness in his own leadership style.


“The buck stops with the First Minister.  This Welsh Labour Government must start taking the tough decisions to deliver for the people of Wales and end its short-sighted failings and lazy attitude, which have been the hallmarks of its 14 years in power.”