Europe-wide failure to anticipate and tackle “colossal” migration crisis

Welsh Conservative Shadow Secretary for Communities, Mark Isherwood AM, said:

“It is pitiful, and quite frankly shameful, to see so few refugees having been relocated to Wales via this scheme.

“Wales can boast a proud history of supporting those in need of refuge during humanitarian crises, to which this report stands in stark contrast.

“If we compare, for example, the 4000 Basque children who took refuge in Wales in 1937 during the Spanish Civil War to the 82 Syrian refugees identified in this report who were given sanctuary, it is fair to say that Wales is, in terms of its humanitarian responsibilities, not pulling its weight.

“The Welsh Labour Government must act now to use all devolved levers available to them to support all local authorities to take on more refugees and fulfil its obligations in helping those most in need.”