Final decision on tidal lagoon must be “sooner rather than later”

Welsh Conservatives have called for more details around Welsh Government proposals to kick-start the tidal lagoon.

First Minister, Carwyn Jones, has said that he is willing to make a “substantial” investment in the form of equity and/or loan to enable the project to move forward. However, Welsh Conservatives are calling for more details.

The move comes a year after an independent review described the Tidal Lagoon as a “no-brainer”, and Welsh Conservatives have today renewed calls for a final decision.

South Wales West AM, Suzy Davies, said:

“With many of the benefits of this project falling within devolved competence, it is only right that the Welsh Government should contribute to the costs.

“However, it is far from clear how much the First Minister is willing to stake to get the lagoon over the line, and until we know the details we can’t be sure that this proposal is game-changing.

“There is huge excitement around the prospect of a tidal lagoon in Swansea, and it is absolutely vital that the project is given the go-ahead.

“The independent review described the tidal lagoon as a ‘no-brainer’ and we need a final decision sooner rather than later.”

Shadow Environment Secretary, David Melding, said:

“The First Minister’s offer is welcome and provides the timely support needed to take this project over the line.

“Tidal energy holds huge promise to be the most reliable and resilient source of green energy available, and we remain steadfast in our support for this project.

“We must not miss this opportunity to ensure that Wales leads the way in the generation of non-carbon renewable energy.

“Rejection would mean missed opportunities for the whole Welsh economy in terms of jobs, manufacturing, and Research & Development.”