FINCH-SAUNDERS: ‘Alarming’ gender pay gap at Wales’ capital city local authority

The gender pay gap at Cardiff Council has been revealed with women working at Cardiff council earning up to six per cent less on average than men.


The pay gap at the local authority in Wales’ capital city currently stands at 6.16% if calculated using a median average – the figure halfway between the wages of the highest and lowest paid workers – or 3.21% if calculated using a mean average.


Shadow Local Government Secretary, Janet Finch-Saunders AM, described the figures as ‘alarming’.


Commenting, she said:


“The Cardiff Labour Council is often fond of touting itself as a progressive administration but when it comes to the equality of pay this clearly isn’t true.


“These figures are alarming but then unsurprising when one considers that after nearly two decades of Labour dominance in Wales, we have the ignominious record for having the biggest gender pay gap in the UK.


“Disparity in pay often stems from gendered stereotypes of occupations and the Welsh Labour Government can do much more to help end this cultural perception.


“Working with local authorities, students, schools and colleges to change perceptions will help to address the gender pay gap in Wales in the long term.”