FINCH-SAUNDERS: Passing of Trade Union Bill sad indictment of Welsh Labour priorities

Responding for the Welsh Conservatives after the passing of the Labour Government’s Trade Union Bill in the Welsh Parliament, Shadow Secretary for Local Government, Janet Finch-Saunders AM, said:


“This was the first piece of legislation introduced by the Labour Government in 2017 – a sad indictment about their priorities for Wales.


“Instead of tackling the ever worsening health and education outcomes in Wales, Labour have decided to prioritise an expensive and unnecessary Bill to pay back their trade union paymasters – unions which bankrolled Jeremy Corbyn and Carwyn Jones to the tune of millions and millions of pounds in the recent General Election.


“Labour and their nationalist bedfellows Plaid Cymru have played politics with this issue from the start and it is sadly hardworking people across Wales who will now pay the price.”