First Minister urged to prove Tidal Lagoon offer is more than ‘grandstanding’

The First Minister has been challenged to prove that his Tidal Lagoon offer is ‘game-changing’ by Welsh Conservatives.

Carwyn Jones was invited to attend a session of the Welsh Affairs Select Committee – which he has rejected.

However, Mr Jones has been urged to reconsider, with South Wales West AM – Suzy Davies – calling the committee the “perfect platform” to underline the strength of the Welsh Government’s apparently game changing offer.

She believes the First Minister’s refusal to attend begins to raise questions about the certainty of the Welsh Government’s position and leaves the First Minister vulnerable to accusations of ‘grandstanding’.

She said:

“I don’t understand why the First Minister hasn’t grabbed the chance to shout about his offer before this influential Committee. The Welsh Affairs Select Committee is a perfect platform for the Welsh Government to explain just how this offer can get the Lagoon over the line and, let’s face it, press the significant political advantage that goes with it.

“The Welsh Government was quick to leak its offer to the press, so it does look rather strange to see the First Minister refusing to seize the chance to talk about it again

“Carwyn Jones should be doing everything he can to help this project over the line, but now it’s beginning to look uncomfortably like grandstanding.

“Welsh Conservatives have backed the Tidal Lagoon since day one, and it is vital that decision is taken sooner rather than later.

“We would strongly urge the First Minister to reconsider his position, and make the details of his offer public.”