GEORGE: Bevan Foundation report ‘welcome addition’ to debate on Wales’ future

Responding to a new report from the Bevan Foundation – which says Wales’ future withdrawal from the European Union poses "very real challenges as well as opportunities for the economy in Wales" - Shadow Economy Secretary Russell George AM said:



“As part of this new political era, this Bevan Foundation’s report is a welcome addition to the debate concerning Wales’ future following the future withdrawal from the European Union.

“Calls to foster indigenous growth are particularly important; and this must include a clear focus on how the SME sector can be supported, and its role in driving the Welsh export economy enhanced.

“Furthermore, Welsh Conservatives have repeatedly highlighted the potential of ambitiously utilising tax and borrowing powers to boost the economy, fund investment and maintain services across Wales, and the Bevan Foundation’s report underlines the role this could play.

“The Prime Minister has been clear that the UK Government will do all it can to make Brexit work for Wales, and the UK. Sadly, the Welsh Government’s lack of planning for a post-Brexit Wales have been clear for all to see.

“Wales now needs cross-party thinking to steer Wales’ economy following the exit from the EU, encompassing all views – and the Bevan Foundation’s new findings should play an important role in those discussions.”