GEORGE: Inward Investment continues to grow in Wales

New statistics published by the Department for International Trade reveal promising figures for inward investment in Wales, with FDI having reached record highs again.

In 2016/17, Wales attracted 85 new projects, ‘creating, supporting and safeguarding’ over 11,500 jobs.

That figure represents more than 10% of all jobs created and safeguarded in the UK last year.

Commenting on the news, Shadow Economy Secretary, Russell George, said:

“It’s good to see that confidence in the Welsh economy is continuing to grow, and there are exciting opportunities ahead for the Welsh economy as we move closer to the post-Brexit era of new trading opportunities.

“Inward investment is a key indicator of economic health, and the UK Government is taking the action necessary to deliver jobs, prosperity and growth for Welsh communities.

“There are huge opportunities ahead for Wales and for the UK, but the Welsh Government needs to shake off negativity around the referendum result and support the Department for International Trade in its efforts to deliver for the people of Wales.”