GEORGE: Poor mobile phone signal continues to hold back communities across Wales

Poor mobile phone signal continues to hold back areas of Wales, according to a leading communications expert.


Ahead of a speech at the Internet Technologies and Applications conference in Wrexham today, Prof Alan Dix has said connections in parts of Wales are ‘worse than on the Hebridean island of Tiree’.


Russell George AM – the Welsh Conservatives’ Shadow Secretary for the Economy – has called on the Welsh Labour-led Government to take the lead and increase the focus on improving the reliability of mobile signal, which in some areas of rural Wales verges on ‘non-existent.’


He said:


“Wales continues to lag behind the rest of the United Kingdom when it comes to the quality of mobile signal, and particularly so in our rural communities.


“Historically, the focus has been predominantly on improving the speed of connections but many hardworking people in Welsh communities are being held back by the issue of reliability.


“Today’s conference will hopefully kick-start the Welsh Labour-led Government into using the policy levers it has at its disposal to tackle the issue, one which continues to strangle our economy and day-to-day life.”