GEORGE: Taylor Review will offer employees greater protection  

Commenting on the Taylor Review into work practices, the Welsh Conservative Shadow Secretary for Economy, Russell George, said:  


“This is a welcome report and one which will ensure that the interests of employees traditional contracts, the self-employed and those people working in the ‘gig’ economy are all properly protected.


“Protecting the most vulnerable employees should be the duty of any government and I am pleased to see the UK Conservative Government taking such a proactive lead on this issue.


“As Welsh Conservatives we will always be on the side of hard workers and good employers and we will continue to support small and medium-sized business owners who take risks with their own economic security in order to start and grow a business, contribute to our national success and provide employment to other people.


“However, it is clear that employers should implement the highest possible standards and hardworking people across Wales will be pleased to see the UK Government taking the necessary action to increase the level of work practices in this country.”