GEORGE: Welsh Conservative response to congestion warnings on M4 post-tolls

Responding to the congestion warnings on the M4 that are featuring in today’s media, the Welsh Conservative Shadow Transport spokesman, Russell George, said:


“The proposal by the UK Conservative Government to scrap the Severn Bridge tolls has the potential to transform the Welsh economy, driving an extra £100m into the local area.


“However, today’s warnings demonstrate this transformational potential will be limited if the Welsh Labour Government continues to sit on its hands and fails to tackle one of the most serious problems in our creaking infrastructure – the M4 in South East Wales.  


“It has long been clear that a motorway grade solution is necessary to relieve congestion south of Newport, and business leaders and motorists are looking to the Welsh Government for a clear sign that this project is on track.


“The Conservative Government is delivering for the people of Wales on the tolls and it is now time for Labour to step up to the plate and finally invest in Welsh infrastructure – to ensure our country is well and truly open for business.”